About the company


The company Zorka-Keramika is one of the leading companies in the production of ceramic tiles in Southeast Europe. The company’s success is based on quality through continuous improvement of technology and modernization of the production process, design that follows the most modern trends in the field of ceramic tiles in the world and innovation that enables the development of creative and practical products that respond to customer needs and ensure market leadership. Over 40 years of work has created trust and partnership with our distributors and customers, which represents a solid basis for further work and development and motivation to always be different and better .


Commitment to technological progress has enabled leadership in the production of Gres porcellanato quality floor tiles and Monoporos wall tiles with exceptional technical characteristics. The high water repellency, frost resistance, exceptional strength and resistance to damage of the tiles is complemented by Lappato technology, which enables partial polishing, giving the tiles a natural, embossed look, and Digital printing , which pushes the limits of possibilities and gives the tiles a completely natural look of stone, marble, wood and textiles. This results in a rich assortment of over 400 different tiles coordinated into series that combine floor and wall ceramics in a wide range of colors and designs


Zorka-Keramika has the capacity to produce 5.5 million square meters of tiles per year with a rounded process with its own basic raw materials, ecological materials and strict control in accordance with the standards ISO part = ISO (9001:2015 and 14001:2015), European Union (EN 14411 ) and Russia (Ghost R).


The attractive design of Zorka-Keramika tiles is created by a creative combination of modern trends of top design studios from Italy and Spain and an intensive development process in the company, which provides a modern product adapted to the needs and wishes of customers. The company Zorka-Keramika today sells floor and wall ceramic tiles in all countries of Southeast Europe, as well as in Italy, Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Russia and Kazakhstan. The offer is increased, new markets are conquered and constant growth of production and sales is ensured, which enables sustainable development of the company .


Our greatest wealth is people . We actively invest in the development of employees and the best young staff, in order to ensure that Zorka-Keramika remains a leader in knowledge, innovation and user satisfaction, and in socially responsible activities , in order to ensure a safe, healthy and quality upbringing for future generations.

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