"To succeed in business, be bold, be different and be the first."

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1. Achieving high results

As one of the leaders in the production of ceramic tiles in Southeast Europe, the company Zorka Keramika bases its success on the quality of production, the most modern design and constant innovations that respond to the needs of customers. Our greatest asset is our team of people, without whom achieving such high results would not be possible.

2. Motivation for constant improvement

We find the basis for further work and development and the motivation to always be different and better than others in the trust and partnerships we enjoy from our distributors and customers, based on more than 40 years of work.

3. Working conditions in our company

We believe that investing in our team of employees is crucial. Only a motivated and satisfied team can achieve the best results. In addition to salary and excellent working conditions, regardless of their position in the company, our employees can expect training and various opportunities for career development due to belonging to a company that operates internationally. We want to ensure a leadership position in knowledge, innovation and satisfaction of our users and that is why we actively invest in the development of our team and the best young staff.

4. Online application

If you want to step forward in the company of the most successful, take the first step. Apply for a job in our company by filling out an online application here.

5. Selection process

Knowledge, skills, desire to improve and passion are what is needed to succeed in a business like ours. Also, to be successful in what you do, we believe that the position must suit you as much as you must suit the position. Depending on the position you have applied for, our selection process has certain stages.

6. Interview

When it comes to interviewing candidates, we talk personally at our company’s premises with all candidates who have passed the interview round. We think it is important that you see the company and the premises where you would work, as well as get to know some of the people you would work with. If you are invited to an interview, we advise you to take into account the company’s environment and come properly dressed and prepared for the interview.

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